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Jörn Gläser

Jörn Gläser takes care of all photos of agricultural machinery, the product design of DVD materials and images taken from drones.

Tammo Gläser

Tammo Gläser is responsible for all videos of agricultural machinery. He also edits the videos and writes voice-over texts.  

More than a hobby – a passion for agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery has held a special fascination for Tammo and Jörn Gläser since they were kids. Even as schoolboys, they helped out on local farms and gradually got into using their photo and video cameras to document the work done with agricultural machinery, above all. Among the pictures they are particularly proud of are those of an early Krone forage harvester taken during the maize harvest and those of a then state-of-the-art 300 hp Fendt tractor – machines many people at the time only knew from trade fairs or brochures. 

Over time, Jörn and Tammo Gläser kept investing in ever better video and photo cameras and an editing computer to be able to edit their materials for VHS tapes and DVDs exactly as they wanted. 

They then used these early videos, which were mainly taken in northern Germany, to produce their first films from 2002 onwards, followed by the landtechnikvideos.de website and brand soon after. 

But it was not long before the two of them ventured beyond Germany in search of other exciting locations. They gained first international experience in producing agricultural videos by shooting the DVDs “Allrad - Antrieb für mehr” (Four-wheel drives – driving more) in Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland. Duly impressed by different locations, larger fields and wider machines, they decided to share their experiences through regular online blogs and on their website. Many of the brothers’ early film and photo motifs can be found in their Media Library at landtechnikvideos.de.

A one-stop service for all film production

Tammo Gläser

1. Jörn and Tammo Gläser take care of all of the location scouting as well as the on-site film production.

Tammo und Jörn Gläser

2. Editing video material and researching and writing voice-over texts can take many weeks.

3. Specialist agencies assist with adding soundtracks and translating DVDs into up to seven languages.

4. Putting the final touches to the final DVD box: naturally, the covers and DVD menus are also designed by Tammo and Jörn! 

Agriculture in North America

In 2009, Jörn and Tammo Gläser set off on their first overseas trip on an agricultural mission. “Agriculture in North America” was also the first project for which they edited their own materials, created voice-overs using a professional artist and had texts translated. The three agricultural machinery DVDs they produced to document the cereal harvest in eastern Canada and the adjacent US state of Montana and, in 2012, in the American Midwest, are among their greatest successes to date.

Exploring Russia and Canada

They continued to travel abroad for short trips to produce additional videos even while studying agriculture in Weihenstephan near Munich. In 2010, they visited Russia’s fertile black soil region about 500 kilometres south of Moscow to film “Agriculture in Russia“. Their fascinating travelogue documents the contrast between old and new agricultural machinery used during the sunflower and beet harvest in a region that presents very particular challenges. The resulting documentary was translated from German not only into English and French, but also into Spanish and Italian.

In 2011, they again visited North America and spent two weeks travelling across the Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan during the cereal harvest. They visited many of the vast farms in the region, which is Canada’s granary, and documented spectacular agricultural machinery in the field. Soon after, they launched their successful Facebook page, which is followed by tens of thousands of agricultural machinery fans from all over the world.

Three trips to Down Under

In 2012 and 2013, Tammo and Jörn Gläser made three trips to Australia. For these journeys – their most expensive ones to date – they extensively researched suitable locations. The brothers visited different regions of  this island continent at different times of the year and travelled about 15,000 kilometres by car to produce the three “Agriculture in Australia“ DVDs. Experiencing the world’s largest seed drill live in action on the field was certainly one of the highlights of that exploratory trip. In 2013, Tammo and Jörn also shot a DVD about the Luxembourg contract farming business Reiff, which was subsequently translated into five languages.

All of the videos focus on agricultural machinery, of course, but also provide great insights into the local scenery and people’s lives on the land. This photo was taken in the French vineyard region of Burgundy during the video shoot for “Agriculture in France“. 

Scouting for locations and suitable farms can be very time-consuming. This photo shows Tammo Gläser during a video shoot in the Belgian city of Bouillon.

On the road in Europe

Jörn and Tammo Gläser again produced new DVDs on agricultural machinery in 2014 and 2015. They travelled to France five times during this period to visit large agricultural and contract farming businesses in various regions. The DVD series on “Agriculture in France“ shows French farmers growing and harvesting not only a wide range of popular crops, but also various special crops and alfalfa. From wheat through to wine – as Europe’s major farming nation, France is home to a highly diverse agricultural sector.

A fascination for agricultural machinery – turning a hobby into a career

Modern agricultural machinery is more exciting than ever. Highly powered modern tractors are operated with GPS support and feature a whole array of sophisticated technology. Large combine harvesters worth the equivalent of a family home are able to harvest the cereal consumed by an entire city in a single day.

Yet the working conditions and challenges confronting people and their machines on fields all over the world could not be more different. Jörn and Tammo Gläser have been documenting the work of modern agricultural machinery in many countries around the globe for fifteen years. Their independent film productions, which are funded entirely without sponsors, are supported by a large community of fans, whose purchases of agricultural machinery videos make it possible to produce this work. Television channels, public broadcasters and newspapers have also repeatedly reported on landtechnikvideos.de. Tammo and Jörn Gläser have turned their childhood hobby into their career and chosen profession – agricultural machinery is their passion, as you will no doubt see when browsing this website.

Yours, Jörn and Tammo Gläser

The most cost-intensive and time-consuming video production to date was filmed in Australia. Jörn and Tammo Gläser visited Down Under three times to document how Australian farmers grow and harvest cereals and a variety of special crops in their series of agricultural machinery DVDs on “Agriculture in Australia“. 

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